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We know how important your pet is, which is why we only recommend top quality toys and lifestyle products  they’ll adore. You’re welcome to get in touch or stop by and speak to an expert who can advise you on which products best suit your pet, or for a more simple route follow our pictures links straight to Amazon.

Orange Tabby Cat
Rainbow Cat Wand
Ball Tower
Automatic Rotating Laser Pointer.jpg
Cat Tunnel.jpg
Cat Condo.jpg
Interchangeable Cat Wand

Kitty Cube

Product of the Month

Dr.Z's featured cat item of the month is this fancy cat cube. Perfect for a smaller space where a large cat tree wont fit. This cube offers the same sanctuary and safe space for a cat in a compact design. Complete with a fluffy bed on top and in a design that will match your contemporary house style. Only $34 and eligible for free shipping!

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