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Animal Boarding

Grooming & Boarding

Is Doggie Daycare for daily visits or long term?

Both! We have lots of furry friends who stay with us during the day while mom and dad are at work, as well as our longer term clients who get spoiled by our caring team while their families go on vacation.

What does the kennel service include?

Whether your fur baby barks, meows, or something in between rest assured they will be loved on in our care. Every client gets a clean warm blanket, a kennel either to themselves or with their brother or sister(s), meals and treats (you are welcome to bring any special food too!) fresh water, toys if you choose, and LOTS of belly rubs. 

Our spacious play area for puppers boasts a 10,000sqft fenced yard (6ft for our more athletic friends) complete with lush green grass, bushes and trees, and lots of shade for the 'dog days of summer'.

You set the rules, we follow them. For your dogs safety they will only be allowed to play in the yard with their brothers/sisters or well known friends. Other kennel animals will not be allowed out together. 

Kitty cats have their own separate room on the other side of the clinic so they feel safe away from the barking dogs. Each cat is given their own Kitty Condo, dimensions are about 6sq ft of floor space and reaching from floor to ceiling to provide ample space for your fur baby to climb and perch themselves up high by the windows. They can watch lots of people and animals through their secure windows. Cats are given a warm blanket, toys, food, water, and treats, and lots of snuggles - but only until they turn on us and get mad for loving them. Cats, am I right? We will try to love them again in an hour!

What time is drop off/pick up

Drop off/pick up can be during any regular business hours; Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM, or we also offer drop off times with our kennel attendant; Saturday and Sunday at 8AM-9AM, 12PM-1PM, or 5PM-6PM.

What kind of animals do you groom?

If your animal has fur we can get them looking tip top. Dawn, our groomer is the ONLY CERTIFIED groomer around!! Cats and dogs from toys to giants - all are welcome here. Furthermore if your pet needs medical care to ease any fear or anxiety assocaited with grooming, we are the only groomers in the area with a board certified Veterinarian to get them what they need,

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