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Nutrition Counseling

Preventative Care: Pillar #4

When it comes to pet food, your fur babies really are what they eat.  Proper nutrition makes all the difference in our pet's health.  Anaconda Veterinary Clinic proudly and exclusively offers Hill's Science Diet prescription and non prescription pet foods. Don't forget treats! We are treat lovers here, and Hill's offers a wide variety of healthy and yummy treat options.

We exclusively offer Hill's for two reasons.  The first reason is in the name - Science!.  Hill's Science Diet is formulated by board certified veterinary nutritionists - men and women who are veterinarians and have a PhD in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition.  The second reason we only offer Hill's is customer satisfaction.  If you purchased from us, it is unconditionally guaranteed.  Not satisfied - bring it back for a full refund.  No gimmicks - no games.  Make an appointment today and let's talk food.

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